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Hirohito - Hirohito assumed the Throne

Time: Saturday Dec 25, 1926

Place: Tokyo, Japan

Details: On 25 December 1926, Hirohito assumed the throne upon the death of his father, Yoshihito. The Crown Prince was said to have received the succession (senso).



Hirohito-Emperor Hirohito signed an imperial rescript condemning to death American fliers
Sep, 1942 - Tokyo, Japan
Hirohito-Hirohito became the Heir Apparent
Tuesday Jul 30, 1912 - Tokyo, Japan
PlayStation Network
PlayStation Network-Temporary suspension of operation
Wednesday Apr 20, 2011 - Tokyo, Japan
Hirohito-Nagano explained the Plan to the Emperor
Monday Nov 3, 1941 - Tokyo, Japan
Hirohito-The effect of The U.S. air raids on the cities of Japan
1944 - Tokyo, Japan

On This Day - 25 December

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December 1926

Gustav Stresemann
Gustav Stresemann-Nobel Prize
Friday Dec 10, 1926 - Oslo City Hall, Oslo, Norway


Salvador Dali Image
Salvador Dali-Left the academy
1926 - Figueres, Catalonia, Spain
Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman-National Old Trails Road Association
1926 - U.S.
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler-Himmler's first leadership position in the SS
1926 - Munich, Germany
King Edward VIII
Edward VIII-President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
1926 - Oxford, England, United kingdom
Flag of Weimar Republic
Weimar Republic- Germany was accepted as a member of the League of Nations
1926 - Germany