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Christine Lagarde - Hot Doc's List

Time: Sunday Oct 28, 2012

Place: Greece

Details: On 28 October 2012, Greek reporter and editor Kostas Vaxevanis claimed to be in possession of the list and published a document with more than 2,000 names in his magazine Hot Doc.



Portrait d'Ibrahim Pacha
Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt-Ibrahim Pasha attacks Missolonghi
1826 - Messolonghi, Greece
Temple of Hephaestus - Athens, Greece - Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece-Battle of Mantinea (362 BC)
362 BC - Mantineia, Greece

On This Day - 28 October

Disasters with highest death tolls-1707 HōEi Earthquake
Friday Oct 28, 1707 at 02:00:00 PM - (Chūbu region, Kansai region, Shikoku, Kyūshū), Japan
Lady Liberty under a blue sky
Statue of Liberty-Ticker-Tape parade Beginning
Thursday Oct 28, 1886 - New York, U.S.
World War 1-Battles of Penang
World War 1-Battles of Penang
Wednesday Oct 28, 1914 - Penang island
Mussolini biografia
Benito Mussolini-Benito Mussolini took power
Saturday Oct 28, 1922 - Italy
Alan Turing
Alan Turing-Writing directly to Winston Churchill
Tuesday Oct 28, 1941 - London, England

October 2012

Mark Zuckerburg
Mark Zuckerberg-Visited Russian Prime Minister
Monday Oct 1, 2012 - Moscow, Russia
Huawei logo - image
Huawei-Huawei Moves its UK headquarters
Oct, 2012 - Reading, Berkshire, England
Visa Inc. logo
Visa Inc.-Headquarters in Foster City, California
Monday Oct 1, 2012 - Foster City, California, U.S.
Facebook Image
Facebook, Inc.-Facebook Had One Billion Monthly Active Users
Oct, 2012 - Menlo Park, California, U.S.
Facebook Image
Facebook, Inc.-Facebook's Monthly Active Users Passed One Billion
Oct, 2012 - Menlo Park, California, U.S.


Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk-A trip to India
2012 - India
BMW logo
BMW-BMW began sponsoring Independent Collectors production of the BMW Art Guide
2012 - Munich, Germany
BMW logo
BMW-BMW had returned to ’The Ultimate Driving Machine’
2012 - Munich, Germany
BMW logo
BMW-BMW-owned subsidiary Alphabet began a corporate car-sharing service
2012 - Europe
Halimah Yacob
Halimah Yacob-Miniser of Social and Family Development
2012 - Singapore