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IKEA - Jang Duck-jin's announcement

Time: Monday Nov 24, 2014

Place: South Korea

Details: Complaints arose from a group of consumers on IKEA's pricing policy in South Korea: the prices of certain products were higher than other countries. On 24 November 2014, Jang Duck-jin, head of the Fair Trade Commission's consumer policy bureau, told the media that the Commission was planning to commission a consumer group to compare IKEA's product prices by country.



Korean War Image
Korean War-Warning the US that China was prepared to intervene in Korea if the US crossed the 38th Parallel
Saturday Sep 30, 1950 - South Korea
Korean War Image
Korean War-Operation Courageous
Friday Mar 23, 1951 - South Korea
Korean War Image
Korean War-MacArthur received the top secret National Security Council Memorandum
Wednesday Sep 27, 1950 - South Korea
Korean War Image
Korean War-North Korean military (KPA) forces crossed the border and advanced into South Korea
Sunday Jun 25, 1950 - South Korea
Korean War Image
Korean War-The North sent three diplomats to the South as a peace overture
Sunday Jun 11, 1950 - South Korea

On This Day - 24 November

Civil War USA Coll
USA civil war-Army of the Cumberland was one of the principal Union armies
Monday Nov 24, 1862 - Ohio, United States
Lucky Luciano Image
Lucky Luciano-Birth
Wednesday Nov 24, 1897 - Lercara Friddi, Sicily, Italy
Gustav Stresemann
Gustav Stresemann-Forming the German People's Party
Sunday Nov 24, 1918 - Wiemar Republic (Present Day Germany)
World War II
World War II-Battle of Guilin–Liuzhou
Friday Nov 24, 1944 - Guilin and Liuzhou, Guangxi, China
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy-Birth
Sunday Nov 24, 1946 - Burlington, Vermont, U.S.

24 November 2014

Eminem-Shady XV
Monday Nov 24, 2014 - U.S.

November 2014

Samsung wordmark (Logo) - image
Samsung-Acquiring Proximal Data
Monday Nov 3, 2014 - San Diego, California, U.S.
Prince Harry Image
Prince Harry-Opening the Field of Remembrance
Thursday Nov 6, 2014 - Westminster Abbey, London, England
Logo of Amazon
Amazon-Amazon resolves dispute with Hachette
Nov, 2014 - Paris, France
Internet-President Obama recommended the FCC reclassify broadband Internet service
Monday Nov 10, 2014 - Washington D.C., U.S.
Chris Kyle Image
American Sniper: Christopher Scott Kyle-American Sniper
Tuesday Nov 11, 2014 - U.S.


Oculus-Samsung Partnership
2014 - Suwon-si, South Korea
BMW logo
BMW-BMW sold 415,200 vehicles in China
Jan, 2014 - China
Halimah Yacob
Halimah Yacob-The Singapore Women's Hall of Fame
2014 - Singapore
Symbian OS logo Image
Symbian OS-Symbian terminated
Wednesday Jan 1, 2014 - Espoo, Finland
Lula da Silva Image
Lula da Silva-Operation Car Wash
2014 - Brazil