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Iran–Iraq War - The UN Security Council passed The U.S.-sponsored Resolution 598

Time: Monday Jul 20, 1987

Place: New York, U.S.

Details: On 20 July, the UN Security Council passed the U.S.-sponsored Resolution 598, which called for an end to the fighting and a return to pre-war boundaries. This resolution was noted by Iran for being the first resolution to call for a return to the pre-war borders, and setting up a commission to determine the aggressor and compensation.



Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla-Charles Batchelor was brought back to the United States to manage the Edison Machine Works
1884 - New York City, New York, U.S.
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson-WrestleMania XX
Sunday Mar 14, 2004 - New York City, New York, U.S.
DC Comics logo
DC Comics-DC licensed characters from the Archie Comics
2007 - U.S.
DC Comics logo
DC Comics-National Allied Publications
Monday Jun 25, 1934 - New York, U.S.
Robin Williams 1996 Image
Robin Williams-First appearance on Time's magazine
Monday Mar 12, 1979 - New York, U.S.

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July 1987

The Headquarters of the UNCTAD are located at the Palais des Nations in Geneva
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development-Geneva Conference 1987
Wednesday Jul 8, 1987 - Geneva, Switzerland
Iran-Iraq War Image
Iran–Iraq War-Operation Earnest Will
Friday Jul 24, 1987 - The Persian Gulf


Canon Camera
Cameras-Casio VS-101
1987 - Tokyo, Japan
The logo of the Finnish telecommunications company, Nokia Corporation
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